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Joy & Josh

From Invitations to Menus, Love in Every Print for an Unforgettable Celebration!

Diving into the creative realm for Joy and Josh's wedding was a delightful journey of personalization and love. The invitations set the stage, capturing the essence of their unique bond and hinting at the magic to come. Hidden elements in the details of the invitation were added for a customized experience.

WEBs Joy + Josh Wedding-145 copy.jpg


Harmonizing the essence of love and celebration, I meticulously designed the menus for this special event to seamlessly carry the same feeling of warmth and elegance that adorned the invitation, ensuring every aspect reflected the unique narrative of Joy and Josh's love story.


Step into the enchanting world of Joy and Josh's wedding invitations, where love and adventure intertwine. The details sheet was printed on a semi-transparent velum attached over black linen paper. The invitation unveils a heartfelt narrative in the bottom right corner—depicting the couple, Joy, Josh, and their beloved collie Charlie, against a backdrop that echoes their shared passion for the outdoors and mountains. 

WEBs Joy + Josh Wedding-145 copy.jpg
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