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Rimrock Adventures

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Rimrock Adventures is a generational company that has been at the forefront of the adventure tour community in Colorado for decades. Known for their exceptional service, expert guides, and breathtaking natural settings, Rimrock Adventures has become a trusted name among outdoor enthusiasts seeking thrilling adventures. As they step into a new era, they are seeking a fresh and dynamic logo that captures their spirit of adventure, showcases their commitment to tradition, and symbolizes the beautiful landscape in their tours. With this new logo, Rimrock Adventures aims to invigorate their brand and continue providing unforgettable experiences for generations to come.


Rimrock Adventures first came to us wanting a complete rebrand. The company had just recently been taken over by the founders two children who were wanting to refresh the imagery of the company. They wanted to go in a modern clean design direction that showed off the rafting side of their business. Below are the initial skeches.

After the initial sketches were done Rimrock Adventures then decided that they wanted to go back to their roots more than initially planned and asked to simply refresh their current logo with a new shape, some different text and a new feel. This is where we landed on the final logo.


Copy of Rimrock Logo JPEG.jpg


Color-Logo-Rimrock Adventures.png
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