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Meiners Pickles

Pickle Labels

Meiners pickles is subset of the the Sommer's Harvest farm in Palisade Colorado.


Designing labels for a pickle company with various flavors presented an exciting challenge. Meiners requested we stick to a strict printing budget which only allowed the use of two ink colors: green and black. To overcome this limitation and bring uniqueness to each pickle variant, we embarked on an innovative design process. After some research, we discovered a label company capable of printing on a striking yellow label. This allowed for incorporation of a third color into the design, adding a vibrant touch that perfectly complemented the green and black theme.


Leveraging this newfound creative freedom, we crafted distinct and visually appealing labels for each pickle flavor, utilizing color psychology to evoke emotions and stimulate appetites. From Kosher dill to tangy bread-and-butter, each label now effortlessly communicates the essence of the pickle's flavor, enticing customers to embark on a tantalizing culinary journey.

The success of this design process not only breathed life into the pickle company's product line but also showcased the power of resourcefulness and collaboration. By thinking outside the box and seeking out innovative solutions, we transformed a seemingly restrictive color palette into a captivating and versatile visual identity. 

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